Lauda and Nexo take the castle

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Lauda and Nexo take the castle

POLAND: The Christian population in Polish town of Malbork attend services in what is arguably one of the most awe-inspiring settings for any congregation in the world. This is because the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is situated within the largest castle in the world, the Castle of the Teutonic Order.

A medieval fortress, the castle’s construction was completed in 1406. In 1997 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and in 2016 reconstruction programme got underway. As part of this programme, Lauda Audio was approached to design and install a sound reinforcement system to cater for the various permanent and temporary historic exhibitions that are presented inside the church.

The main hall of the church can accommodate 300 congregants and plays host to myriad events, such as meetings, presentations and concerts. The main challenge faced by the team from Lauda was posed by the medieval architectural design that includes a 14m high ceiling, resulting in a 6s reverberation time. ‘Our most important design objective was to achieve uncompromised sound quality, and multi-functionality for the system,’ recalls Marcin Popek of Lauda Audio.

For the main PA system, Lauda installed a Nexo solution comprising the Geo M6 compact line array elements. The systems integrator, which also serves as Nexo’s official Polish distributor, also deployed two arrays of nine M620 line array cabinets (in a white finish), which were hung at a height of 6m so as to provide coverage throughout the narrow 9m x 3m sanctuary. A pair of LS600 subs handle the lows.

Additionally, 10 Nexo ID24 cabinets have been installed on the walls down the sides of the hall, configured to serve as surrounds. Lauda has set these up so that the church can use them for providing surround sound to complement the main PA, or to be used separately, for use during exhibitions.

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