Lighting up Eagle Brook

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Lighting up Eagle Brook

USA: The Eagle Brook Church is formed of six campuses, from large purpose-built facilities and auditoriums to more traditional church buildings, located throughout Minnesota. The ministry’s lead lighting designer, Nate Nohling, recently decided to create a new lighting set at each of the sites, purchasing 156 Elation Lighting ACL 360 Bar LED battens to form the basis of the design.

‘The number one thing I was shooting for when designing this set was impact. I wanted to have a large quantity of fixtures that had the ability to create the impact we were looking for. That meant we needed a fixture that fit a price point that allowed us to have enough across all of our campuses to make an impact and a powerful beam from each fixture,’ explains Mr Nohling. ‘We looked at a lot of different fixtures and the ACL 360 Bars were a great solution for what we needed.

‘Our team strives to create a cohesive design that has a similar brand between all of our campuses, and utilising the same fixtures is a key part of that,’ he furthers. ‘The design is scaled to fit each room and therefore the fixture count at each campus varies, but the design was created to have the same experience and feel at each campus.’

Minneapolis-based Elation dealer Monkey Wrench Productions supplied the fixtures and worked with the lighting manufacturer’s rep firm, Five Lakes Marketing, on the project. ‘This project has a lot of interesting aspects to it, not least the fact that it uses an EDM style fixture in a House of Worship,’ notes Seth Scott, “head chimp” at Monkey Wrench Productions. ‘With Eagle Brook's mutliple locations creating a common design to provide flawless continuity between all campuses is a design feat in and of itself.’

‘Seth is one of the most important vendor relationships we have that allows us to do what we do every weekend,’ chimes Mr Nohling. ‘He is someone who understands how budgets and projects work and is always able to help us figure out a solution that fits our needs.

‘The ability to have independent pixel control has been huge for us in terms of flexibility. We are able to go from utilising the full fixture to maximise impact to just a single pixel in our slower songs, which provides a completely different look and feel,’ he continues. ‘These fixtures have held up great. They have been in use now for months and across 156 fixtures I believe we have had only one issue.’

With six campuses, Mr Nohling can’t be everywhere at once. ‘We have an incredible team that works together to pull off what we do,’ he concludes. ‘We have some of the best lighting designers in the country in Tom Clark, Travis Leatherman, and Jason Goglio, who also make up our stage design team. Everything that we do is a very collaborative process where each person brings ideas and solutions to the table, and we couldn’t do what we do without each of them. We also have incredible campus production teams across all of our campuses that partner with us to actually do the installations.’

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