Locally sourced High End Light Parts bring Austin to Life

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Locally sourced High End Light Parts bring Austin to Life

USA: LifeAustin first opened its doors eight years ago to a congregation of 80. In the time since, the church has grown substantially under the leadership of pastors Randy and Denise and now has a community of more than 2,700 worshippers.

To support such an increase in attendance, the church has recently completed work on the new LifeAustin Amphitheatre, a 1,000-seat sanctuary. Back in 2013, when the project was still in the early stages, LifeAustin turned to local Austin-based lighting integrator and rental company, Light Parts, to assist with the amphitheatre’s lighting needs.

‘We have been using Light Parts for fixture and PCB repairs as well as a source for parts for several years,’ explains John Capezzuti, facility director at LifeAustin. ‘We have a very capable tech staff, but when we don’t have time to sort something out ourselves it’s great having Light Parts close by. When we were ready to talk lighting gear for our Amphitheatre project it was natural to partner with Light Parts.’

Light Parts has supplied LifeAustin with a variety of products from Barco lighting brand High End Systems (HES), which is also based in Austin. Solutions provided for the amphitheatre included 20 intellaspot automated luminaires, five ShapeShifter C1 LED fixtures and an FQ-100 Fogger. The church also took delivery from Light Parts of a Road Hog Full Boar 3 console to control the system.

‘We knew right away the ShapeShifters would be great, flexible fixtures we could use in the sanctuary or outside at the amphitheatre,’ comments LifeAustin’s lighting director, Barry Floyd. ‘They have been the perfect addition to our lighting rig. From the quietest worship moment to the craziest kid’s ministry dance performance they have been powerful, adaptive and rock solid performers.

‘The intellaspots in use are a proven workhorse,’ he continues. ‘A strong beam, with or without gobos, and beautiful color mixing have helped create some amazing performances.’

‘LifeAustin has been great to work with. They already had an inviting atmosphere in the sanctuary and had a very clear vision of what their worship experience should look and feel like,’ explains Sean McCarter, sales manager at Light Parts. ‘We just had to find the right tools to make it happen. Barry saw a lot of creative possibilities with the ShapeShifters and they are put to use in both the sanctuary and amphitheatre.’

‘We are happy that Life Austin chose to purchase locally,’ enthuses Bobby Hale, fixed installation manager at HES. ‘High End Systems is happy to partner with Light Parts and LifeAustin Church on their world class Life Austin Amphitheatre. The intellaspot, with its full feature set, is an excellent choice for this live performance venue.’

‘Sean and Bobby are always available when I'm in need and quickly and competently help resolve any issues I run into,’ concludes Mr Floyd. ‘We have a great technical support team here in Austin,’ adds Mr Capezzuti. ‘I appreciate all Light Parts does for us.’


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