London calling for a high-quality audio solution

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London calling for a high-quality audio solution

UK: St John’s Church in Stanmore, St John’s the Evangelist in Kensal Green, and St Olave’s in Mitcham are all houses of worship based on the outskirts of London. While on the surface they appear to have little in common other than their location, they all suffer from the acoustic challenges that present themselves to many Christian houses of worship; they all three possess high ceilings and flat, reflective surfaces, resulting in reverberation and feedback.

The churches would gain something else in common as RG Jones Sound Engineering, a sound installation company based in South West London, was engaged by all three to upgrade each of their audio systems. In addition to improving the audio quality for services and events held in each of the sanctuaries, the key requirements that RG Jones was to contend with were to keep the installation simple, cost-effective, flexible and easy to operate.

With several high-profile houses of worship throughout the country, including Westminster Abbey, having been equipped with products from Yamaha’s CIS series (Commercial Installation Solutions), RG Jones took inspiration. The installer integrated MTX3 processors, XMV4280 multichannel amplifiers and DCP1V4S wall-mounted controllers at all three sites.

‘We chose the MTX3 for these installations because of its DSP feature set and excellent cost-effectiveness,’ explains Jeff Woodford, project engineer at RG Jones. ‘It enables a sound system to be set up to a high standard using the onboard features like individual output EQ, crossover and delays, with individual EQ and dynamic processing on each input channel.’

Both St Olave’s and St John’s the Evangelist both rely often on inexperienced users to control their sound systems. Simplicity of control was therefore essential, while the audio quality was to remain high. ‘The MTX3 allowed us to meticulously control the dynamics of the microphones and loudspeaker outputs during set up and commissioning, but with the DCP1V4S allowing the system to be controlled at the touch of a button,’ notes Mr Woodford.

Over at St John's in Stanmore, the need was for a system that could provide sound reinforcement at events with both wired and wireless microphones. The solution also required the ability to support the playback of music from a variety of media formats and was to incorporate wireless control. ‘Using Yamaha’s Wireless DCP iOS and Android app, the wireless control was another key reason for choosing the MTX3,’ reveals Mr Woodford. ‘It is the only processor at this price point which is capable of wireless control; if it didn’t have this facility a more expensive unit would have had to be used.’

In conclusion, the new audio setups at St John’s, St John’s the Evangelist and St Olave’s provide the three churches with something new in common, while the MTX3 proves its worth as a cost-effective, easy-to-use and high-quality sound solution for HOWs. One other benefit RG Jones discovered during the installations was the manufacturer’s YDIF protocol.

‘YDIF makes installation so much quicker, as no analogue signal cables are required between the DSP and amplifier,’ says Mr Woodford. ‘You just plug in two Cat-5 patch cables and it’s done. This type of quick wiring with YDIF all helps when we need to have the new systems installed and set up in only a week, between weekend services.’

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