Maranatha Community shares its light with Kroonstad Cell Church

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Maranatha Community shares its light with Kroonstad Cell Church

SOUTH AFRICA: Kroonstad Cell Church is situated in the South African Free State province, a region left in dire straits this year by a severe drought and water shortage, with little subsequent improvement. In the midst of this crisis, Kroonstad Cell Church was moving into a new church building which it had worked on for a couple of years. Knowing the situation, Johannesburg-based Maranatha Community Church decided to pay it forward and donate some of its existing lighting system to its brethren in Kroonstad.

Kroonstad Cell Church is a dynamic local church with sound leadership,’ said Pastor Kobus from Maranatha Community Church. ‘We believe that if you touch a church you touch a community and so we wanted to give them a kick-start in getting on their feet in the new building.’

As Maranatha Community Church was upgrading its own auditorium with Longman Phoenix Bars, it could offer its existing Robe LEDForce 18s, and a lighting control software system with PC, to Kroonstad Cell Church. Kroonstad Cell Church’s budget allowed the fellowship to install a Prolyte trussing structure onto which these lighting fixtures could be hung. ‘We chatted to Robert Izzett from [lighting supplier] DWR to get advice on a system,’ says Pastor Kobus. ‘Rob also did a great job visiting the Kroonstad Cell Church and did a weight and design analysis for their needs.’

Keith Pugin from DWR headed the install team at Kroonstad Cell Church’s new building, formerly an old warehouse that had been completely gutted and converted. ‘They had to rip the entire roof off and engineer a new roof and ceiling with wall finishes and carpets, but because of a shortage of funds, the building had used up most of their budget,’ Mr Pugin explains. ‘The Prolyte trussing was all dead hung from the new roof structure and all the lighting fixtures which came from Maranatha were installed onto it. We did lighting points and DMX points on the stage for up lighting, and to have the infrastructure for future use.’

Back at Maranatha Community Church, lighting designer Nereen Bradshaw was pleased with her new replacement lighting fixtures. ‘The technical team, most of whom are volunteers with full time jobs who assist over weekends, now have the ability to add their own flavour to the lighting for each service,’ says Ms Bradshaw. ‘They choose their colour sets and decide on positioning, movement and beam effects. They are really enjoying the creative aspect of this and it has given me more free time. I keep adding new positions and new colour sets and the likes, so we just keep going from strength to strength.’

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