Martin Audio fills Abba Pater Church’s larger space

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Martin Audio fills Abba Pater Church’s larger space

PUERTO RICO: The Abba Pater Church recently relocated to larger premises along the coast of Arecibo in Puerto Rico. The church places much emphasis on its Music Ministry and with that in mind, the church director, Pastor Jose Montijo Soler contacted local consultant Jose David Irizarry to help select a new sound system for the new building, to ensure that the best possible audio was achieved.

‘We looked at several proposals from top-tier manufacturers and eventually chose Martin Audio because it enabled us to obtain a high quality system at a price that made sense,’ recalls Pastor Montijo Soler. ‘Due to the ceiling heights in the new space, Martin Audio CDD speakers worked perfectly based on their compact dimensions. They met all of our expectations from audio quality and coverage to price and aesthetics.’

‘During various meetings, the pastor pointed out very clearly that he wanted the best equipment for the church. Being a chemical engineer with a Master’s and PhD degrees, I was certain he really had a clear understanding of what makes certain equipment brand names stand out,’ notes Mr Irizarry. ‘We were all impressed with the clarity, power and musicality of the CDD and moreover, the price was excellent for what they were getting.’

San Juan-based Caribbean Broadcast Suppliers, Inc (CBS) supplied the system, which comprises five CDD12 compact, passive two-way speakers installed above the altar and four CDD6 ultra-compact units that serve as delays, mounted half way down the sanctuary where the ceiling gets lower. These are supplemented on the lows by four CSX212 subwoofers, integrated in niches either side of the proscenium. MA3.0 and MA2.0 amplifiers power the setup and control is via a Midas Pro2 console.

The installation wasn’t without its challenges, as due to a customs hold on the system’s arrival, it wasn’t released into the country until 11am on the day of the church’s opening. With a tight deadline, the solution was installed in three and a half hours and finished just one hour before that evening’s service.

‘The service during the installation was excellent, from the support of our consultant to CBS and Martin Audio sales agent Alex Rojas from PRO AVLS, it was second to none,’ Pastor Montijo Soler says. ‘Once the system was installed and configured, the sound in our church was spectacular – the instruments and vocals have a unique definition and the coverage is exceptional throughout the space.’

‘During the inauguration night, comments started pouring in immediately from musicians and church members. I was astonished by the sound from the FOH position, it sounded like you were mixing in front of two studio monitors and I had to constantly remind myself that it was live,’ explains Mr Irizarry. ‘Some people said it sounded like a CD, others, in addition to praising the Lord, praised the punch and low-end clarity provided by the CSX212 subs.

‘That night there were many pastors from nearby churches assisting this event. The senior pastor told me that many of them were asking him for information about the sound system and were interested in acquiring Martin Audio for their churches,’ he concludes. ‘This system is world-class quality at an absolutely affordable price. If I would have the opportunity to do this project all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.’

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