MixArt delivers invisible audio for Russian Patriarch

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MixArt delivers invisible audio for Russian Patriarch

RUSSIA: A visit to the southern port city of Don by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia in late 2015 saw ‘invisible’ sound reinforcement solutions deployed to cover two important clerical events. During his visit, Patriarch Kirill performed a morning service in Starocherkasskaya’s Resurrection Cathedral, and the following day inaugurated the renovated Ascension Cathedral in Novocherkassk, where he performed a liturgy as well as opened the fifth World Congress of Cossacks. The services were relayed to the public who had gathered outside the cathedrals, while TV channels Soyuz and South Region broadcast the liturgy live. Both of these events were supported by Russian distributor, MixArt, which called upon equipment from Allen & Heath, K-Array and Audio Technica.

At the Stanitsa Starocherkasskaya service there were two major zones, the interior of the cathedral and the streets outside. MixArt selected a Qu-24 digital console with AR84 remote I/O rack to manage the service inside, which fed the outside Qu-16 and was connected to a pair of three-way QSC KW153 cabinets for exterior reinforcement. During the morning service, Patriarch Kirill used radio and wired microphones from Audio-Technica. Sound reinforcement inside was from four K-Array KR102 portable systems to meet the requirement of being ‘discreet and almost invisible' to the clergy, attendees and TV cameras.

Over at Ascension Cathedral in Novocherkassk, another sound system was designed to fulfil two different purposes. Firstly to provide sound management and reinforcement during the inauguration and liturgy which were accompanied by two large choirs and broadcast on TV. Secondly, to provide conference functionality and sound reinforcement during the congress which took place afterwards.

On the day of the liturgy and congress in Novochercassk, the MixArt team deployed a system comprising eight KR102 systems with compact column line array speakers. Four KAN200 Anakondas were placed along the edge of the chairmen table and hidden within the flower decorations to provide monitoring for the Patriarch and other chairmen. Located on the edge of the presidium, the Anacondas were ‘dressed’ in white blankets to blend in. Two GLD-80 consoles (main and backup), accompanied by two AR2412 and four AR84 remote I/O racks, were selected for mixing. The GLD system was connected via Allen &Heath’s ACE (audio and control over Ethernet) to an iLive system consisting of an iLive-R72 rackmount surface and iDR10 MixRack, which provided a broadcast mix of the liturgy to the public in the square outside. It was also used to manage live audio during the parade of Kosaks and an address by the Patriarch. A broadcast feed was sent via Madi from the iDR10 to the TV mobile broadcasting units.

During the liturgy, 12 Audio-Technica AT8033 mics and four AT4050SMs were selected to support the choirs, a pair of AT2010s were used by readers and four deacons were each fitted with an ATW-3110b lavalier radio mic. Also during the liturgy, the clergy used four ATW-3141b wireless vocal mics with dynamic transmitters and two handheld ATW-3171b wireless units with condenser transmitters. External antennas were installed with each system to increase radio reception. Lastly, a speech given by Patriarch Kirill in front of the cathedral called upon two AT2010 mics and a QSC KLA line array for sound reinforcement, with monitoring from QSC K12 cabinets.

Combined, the design and coordination of the projects took MixArt almost two months. In preparation, MixArt’s South Branch director, Vadim Scherbakov also gave a lecture and a workshop for the students of the Don seminary, who are preparing to engage in technical church services in the future.

‘This project was extremely important to us,’ explained Mr Scherbakov. ‘The visit of Patriarch Kirill was a big event, not only for the regional South, but also for the whole country. The events were attended by the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, members of regional and federal administration and by many faithful. It was crucial to do our very best and with K-Array we were able to provide the large audience with detail of the beautiful, solemn liturgy service.’


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