Mixing and monitoring at Southview

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Mixing and monitoring at Southview

CANADA: The Southview Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta keeps a busy schedule, running multiple services at its campus on Walden Boulevard. The church’s services vary – while some remain traditional, others are contemporary and can include live band performances. Therefore, during a recent audio refit, it was the musical element that dictated the system installed.

The church turned to British Columbia-based Sapphire Sound to design, supply and install the new system. This resulted in the deployment of an Allen & Heath dLive S Class console with a DM48 MixRack at FOH, while an ME personal monitoring system was employed for the musicians onstage. Operating at 96kHz, the system is fed directly to a series of amplifiers via an AES connection, meaning that the signal remains digital throughout, from preamp to speaker output.

‘dLive has many advantages. The high channel count and number of output busses was a major factor for this project,’ recalls Ben Burrell at Sapphire Sound. ‘On top of that, the seamless integration with the ME-1 system, plus the dLive OneMix and MixPad apps for remote control, made the system particularly attractive.

‘Additionally, the ease of use for volunteers was a big selling feature,’ he continues. ‘Finally, the number of network expansion card slots was also a huge bonus, ensuring that whichever direction technology goes, Southview will be able to stay connected.’

Following the installation, the church’s technical arts director, Dan Delamont, is already noticing the benefits. ‘We really enjoy using the dLive S Class system,’ he says. ‘Its intuitive nature has made it especially easy for me to train my volunteers who only operate once a month. With very limited time on the console they are able to reach all the controls they need to put together a very good mix.’


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