Modern gear for modern services at WorshipCentre Christian Church

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Modern gear for modern services at WorshipCentre Christian Church

AUSTRALIA: The WorshipCentre Christian Church in the Brisbane suburb of Carina has recently upgraded its technical infrastructure with a new loudspeaker system. Production Audio Video Technology (PAVT), who already had a relationship with the church, was the successful bidder on the project. Carrying out the installation was third party HOW specialist firm, CPC Production Services According to PAVT project manager, David Watson, and sound designer, Ben Clarke, the specification was for a typical modern Pentecostal style church system. ‘This included good intelligibility for spoken word,’ shares Mr Watson, ‘as well as great energy transfer for modern music styles including full band and concert style presentations.’ Further, the system was expected to provide even coverage to the seated area for a maximum of some 1,000 or so congregants. PAVT recommended Powersoft X Series amplifiers, powering an EAW loudspeaker system.

The room was modelled using the EAW proprietary modelling and optimisation software, Resolution. ‘The building design had some challenges that required some acoustic treatment of surfaces, with the need to keep as much of the PA energy away from the surfaces as possible,’ Mr Clarke reports. ‘We needed to make sure we delivered clear, coherent, hi-fi style sound to the seated areas.’ PAVT cites experience from a 14-year distribution arrangement with Powersoft as providing confidence that the amps would partner well with the EAW KF740 line array. “The X Series has incredible and precise control over the EAW speaker elements that made up the system,’ continues Mr Clarke, ‘allowing the delivery of highly accurate and coherent results.’

The Powersoft amps were configured with one X8 running six cabinets of four-way EAW KF740 line array on the left wing – repeated with another X8 running the right hang of six cabinets. A Powersoft X4 drives a EAW QX564 bi amped speaker cabinet for side fill. Two channels are assigned to the high- and low-frequencies, while the remaining two channels run front fill JF8 speakers. This is repeated, with another X4 powering the other PA flank.

In addition, a pair of Powersoft K20 amplifiers drive four EAW SB2001 dual 21-inch subwoofers, with each output channel running one enclosure. These subs require 4000W at 2-ohms running power with transients drawing up to 9000W.

‘This amplifier is comfortably more cost-effective per channel than others we have tried,’ Mr Clarke says of the Powersoft X series. ‘Plus, it sounds fantastic, occupies less space and is extremely powerful.’ Worship Centre executive pastor and CFO, Tim Follett, agrees. "We love the outcome of using Powersoft amplifiers to power our EAW speaker system. The accurate reproduction of music and speech is outstanding. The amount of space required to install all the amplifiers was so much smaller than other brands. Powersoft gets the big thumbs up from us at Worship Centre Christian Church.

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