Morton Apostolic gains modern power

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Morton Apostolic gains modern power

USA: Morton Apostolic Christian Church has uprooted from its original 150-year-old building to a new facility to meet the needs of present-day services. The planning of the new sanctuary took into account the fact that a modern sound system was required to ensure contemporary services.

The Illinois-based church contacted Ryan Winstead of Advanced Audio & Lighting Systems to design and install an audio system for the new sanctuary. Mr Winstead and his team have designed and integrated solutions for several houses of worship around America’s Midwest region and have enjoyed great success in employing Powersoft amplifiers to power sound setups.

Turning to Powersoft once more, Advanced Audio & Lighting Systems installed a Duecanali 3904 HD + DSP amplifier, which powers the three Danley SM96 loudspeakers that deliver primary sound reinforcement in the 745m2 main sanctuary. Armonía Pro Audio Suite software was also used during the acoustic treatment.

‘I knew we would want to do some treatment to control room reflections, but the church was also very clear that they didn’t want me to completely deaden the space,’ Mr Winstead explains. ‘The natural reverberation is really important for their unmiked congregational singing, and that’s a key part of their worship services. Armonía came in handy for tuning the speakers to try to balance that out with the output from the microphones for the best possible intelligibility.’

Additionally, 148 Martin 4.8T and 6.8T loudspeakers have been deployed throughout the sanctuary. These receive power from a pair of Powersoft Ottocanali 4k4 amplifiers with DSP, which deliver a 16 channels of output split into eight zones.

‘It’s amazing what you can do with these amps,’ adds Mr Winstead. ‘They are very clear, you can really hear every individual element whether it’s mostly spoken word like this case or even in other applications where the sound is very dense with a lot of instruments. I find myself designing systems with Powersoft more and more. The sound and the DSP are top notch and the service really seals the deal.’

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