Outline upgrade for Malang GBI Church

Published: WORSHIP

Outline upgrade for Malang GBI Church

INDONESIA: Located in Malang in East Java, the GBI Church recently upgraded its sound system with a new Outline Audio loudspeaker installation supplied by the Surabaya-based Melodia Sound & Lighting Systems division of Melodia Musik...

The church’s contemporary services are now supported by 16 Minicompass cabinets, which have been ceiling suspended in an LR configuration and supplemented by a two Subtech 218SP subwoofers per side. The under-balcony areas could not be covered by the main PA systems, and are served by Outline Micra SP-II active and passive fill speakers. The main array configurations were calculated by Outline’s Diva software, and this modelling helped to determine the eventual speaker positions chosen by Melodia Sound & Lighting System’s systems engineer Budihardjo Sutanto and his team.

 ‘We used an asymmetrical horizontal coverage pattern to change the reverberant nature of the venue,’ he explained. ‘Diva works very well for us and the services that are now conducted in the Malang Church have been a tremendous success. Pastor Yusak Hadisiswantoro has complemented us for the sound that we provided. The Minicompass system is a compact, lightweight and active speaker, which provides high-fidelity sound. Venues here in Indonesia really like it as if offers a plug-and-play solution with an ease of set-up.

 In addition, Melodia Sound & Lighting System’s also supplied the stage foldback system, comprising Outline Hard 45SP active stage monitors and a HearTech in-ear monitoring, as well as a Yamaha LS-9 console for front-of-house.