P Audio, Dynatech and JTS power Navratri 2015

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P Audio, Dynatech and JTS power Navratri 2015

INDIA: The Navratri UTSAV 2015 festival in Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India, requiring a substantial audio system to cover massive crowds, recently turned to Om Sai Audio Equipment for a mic-to-monitor system comprised of P.Audio loudspeakers and power amplifiers, Dynatech processing and power amplifiers and JTS microphones.

The line array system Om Sai deployed was custom-made using P.Audio SD-75BN compression drivers and SN-15LF low-frequency drivers. Power amplification came from Dynatech’s flagship V7000+ and V5000+ amps deployed in tandem with P Audio’s HD-80 and HD-60 amplifiers. Loudspeaker signal processing was facilitated by Dynatech’s DPA260 signal processing and management unit. A number of JTS TK-280 dynamic cardioid live microphones were also provided for the festival.

Navratri is a sacred festival celebrated in honour of the Goddess Durga. It draws enormous crowds involving entire communities in nine nights of worship, song, dance, dandiya and garba ras. The festival, celebrated with enthusiasm across India, holds a special significance in the state of Gujarat, where Navratri 2015 at Himmatnagar was cited as one of the biggest celebratory events to have taken place in the state in the recent past. Crowd statistics were recorded 'in the latter thousands' for each day of the event.

One of the organisers of the Navratri 2015 Utsav was quoted as having said, ‘This year’s event has really pushed the bar high. The performances are at an energy level like never seen before, and so are the number of people in the audience. Several of the audience members have complimented us on the great vibe at the show, and many say that this is perhaps the best Navratri event they’ve ever been to, especially in terms of sound quality and music. And we agree – the show this year sounds absolutely brilliant!’


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