Powermax and Budee team up again

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Powermax and Budee team up again

CHINA: The congregation at the Taiyuan Catholic Church struggled to hear what was being said during services as a result of the long reverberation times caused by its high ceiling. Recognising that a solution was needed, the church turned to Powermax Asia Engineering to design a new sound system.

The solution was designed by Powermax COO Mike Wong, an audio specialist renowned for serving as the live sound monitor engineer for Hong Kong singer/songwriter Jackie Cheung. The Powermax team had successfully completed a similar project at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Hong Kong, for which the equipment had been supplied by distributor Budee. This partnership came into effect once again as Budee assisted Mr Wong in specifying the systems installed.

Loudspeakers were distributed throughout the sanctuary carefully to avoid echoing off of the ceiling. Five pairs of Martin Audio CDD5W cabinets were installed at equal intervals, ensuring even coverage around the church. The level, delay and EQ for these are managed by a Linear Research ASC48 advanced system controller. ‘The ASC48 controller is used to tackle eight sets of outputs, adjusting the delay and EQ to overcome the problems,’ explains Patrick Lau, sales director at Budee.

Sennheiser wireless microphone systems were installed for vocal capture: a pair of ew 322 clip on and two ew 345 handheld wireless mic systems. These are complemented by the German manufacturer’s antennas and antenna booster systems. Telefunken M80 handheld microphones are incorporated into the setup by the Allan & Heath GL2400 mixing console, which also handles the Sennheiser solutions as well as a Denon DN-300Z media player, before sending the feed to Castling Audio PA350 amplifiers. DSPPA 168HD weatherised speakers serve as the outside PA system.

Local contractors were brought in to lay most of the cables, including Canare microphone cables and Belden speaker cables. ‘Budee sent two technical engineers to do the soldering work between connectors and the equipment,’ says Mr Lau. ‘They racked the equipment and wired it all up. It took less than three days to set up and commission the whole sound system.’

With the installation complete, Mr Lau reports another successful team-up for the Budee/Powermax pairing. ‘The church was amazed by the efficiency and the clarity of the sound system,’ he concludes.


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