Professional production at Oregon City Christian Church

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Professional production at Oregon City Christian Church

USA: Looking to give the weekly live streaming coverage for one of its Sunday morning services a more professional look, Oregon City Christian Church recently acquired a pair of JVC KY-PZ100 PTZ network video production cameras. Prior to the purchase, the church had been streaming its services using a single camera located at the back of the church.

The pastors specified that they wanted to improve the online presentation with multiple cameras, however they also did not want to fill the church with large, television studio style devices. The church’s director of media and communications, Shari Scherschel, was given the task of finding an affordable solution, yet was initially sceptical of PTZ cameras. ‘I didn’t want it to look like security footage,’ she says.

Another concern of Ms Scherschel was that one of the pastors in particular strolls back and forth across the stage during his sermons, meaning that any camera installed would need to be capable of following him smoothly. Following a demo of the KY-PZ100 PTZ cameras, along with JVC’s RM-LP100 remote camera controller, she was convinced.

‘I liked the control, plus I liked the picture quality and the zoom speed,’ Ms Scherschel confirms. ‘You can do some nice stuff and the presets are really useful. I really like the colour and the clarity. They look really sharp and they stay in focus while tracking.’

Following delivery, Oregon City Christian Church debuted the KY-PZ100s as part of a four-camera setup. The JVC PTZ cameras are mounted at the back and at the side of the sanctuary, while a pair of unmanned cameras are fixed to capture shots of the church band.

To handle vision mixing for the new camera setup, Ms Scherschel uses a newly-purchased Blackmagic Design ATem production switcher, while another technician uses the RM-LP100 to control the movement of the KY-PZ100s. Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter adds lyrics to the bottom of the screen, and the live programme feed is checked via a JVC DT-N17H ProHD LCD monitor.

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