Refurbishing the mother church

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Refurbishing the mother church

SINGAPORE: Built in 1962, the reformed Life Bible-Presbyterian Church (LBPC), located off Dunearn Road in Singapore, was the first Bible-Presbyterian church in South East Asia. As the mother church of Bible-Presbyterian churches in the region, the 1,000-capacity building is open at all times to its worshippers. Although the Sunday worship services largely consist of spoken word sermons and prayers, music is performed on a piano and an organ with the backing of a choir.

The pre-existing loudspeaker system was in need of replacement and, as such, local suppliers and SI’s were invited to tender for the project. Following an evaluation, the church committee selected a Norton Audio loudspeaker system demonstrated by Concept Systems Technologies. The distributed system in the sanctuary is served by two sets of left-right I12 12-inch coaxial speakers, whilst four NF8 8-inch coaxial models are employed as rear delays and front-fills. The upper gallery area requires its own dedicated audio speakers in the form of six NF8 and two I12 speakers.

Powered by three Norton Audio ND2 and five Electro-Voice Q99 amplifiers, additional loudspeaker management is enabled courtesy of an EV Netmax N8000 16x16 digital audio processor. Located on the upper gallery above the stage, the control room houses the racked equipment, including a Furman CN3600SE power conditioner/sequencer, enabling powering on and off of the system.

Six channels of Shure SLX and LX wireless microphones are available for the pastors and for those presenting items. However, owing to the limited space, the choir required a relatively unique microphone system to serve their needs. Housed in compact metal boxes with sealed covers, four Servoreelers SRL-8 condenser microphones have been installed above the choir position. From these metal enclosures, the four microphones can be lowered into position as required by a motorised switch mechanism.

A Yamaha TF5 36-channel digital console is positioned at the side on the upper balcony during the services, so as to enable media technology officer C L Lun and the other members of the PA crew a reasonably good monitoring position. ‘It’s an old church and so we haven’t got the space to create a customised built-in control area within the pews,’ explains Mr Lun. ‘Thankfully, we can mix easily using a wireless tablet with the Yamaha Stagemix App.’

Inside the church, new cabling was routed through existing conduits to a new facility panel to the right of the stage. Outdoors, 12 EV Evid 6.2T speakers, powered by two CPS4.5 amplifiers, have been added for overspill congregations and separate events. This additional speaker zone can be activated from a customised wall-mounted switch when required.

‘This was quite challenging as we only had three weeks in which to complete the works,’ explains Concept Systems Technologies GM, Gerald Fong. ‘As is normal with most churches, we only had five days between weekend services, so we had to clean up each time and take all our equipment away.’

Mr Lun is happy with the results. ‘We kept adding elements to the pre-existing system over the years and it showed. Concept Systems Technologies completely overhauled it within a tight time frame and, also within our budget. The audio quality for both speech and music has been significantly enhanced.’

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