Relationship revival

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Relationship revival

SOUTH AFRICA: Founded by Pastor At Boshoff and his wife, Pastor Nyretta Boshoff, the Christian Revival Church (CRC) has grown to encompass more than 90 campuses across South Africa and internationally. The church was established in 1994 with the inauguration of its Bloemfontein sanctuary and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

In 2006, CRC enlisted DWR Distribution to install an updated lighting solution at its original Bloemfontein campus. Later, in 2014, DWR would once again be called upon to deliver a lighting system at CRC’s newly built auditorium in Pretoria.

Although the church has spread throughout South Africa and into Europe, the Middle East and even as far as Australia, its congregation also continued to grow locally. So much so that the 5,500-seat auditorium in the south of Bloemfontein was no longer enough to accommodate the congregation in CRC’s hometown. Therefore, the church has recently opened a new building to the north of the city and once again contacted DWR to provide a lighting setup.

The installation comprised Robe moving lights, with the deployment for four Robin Spiiders and the same number of Robin MiniPointes. These are supplemented by 24 Longman F4UP RGBW black stage washes and an MVS Hazer, as well as 12 Philips Selecon SPX Axial fixtures and 18 Longman FacePar900 LED PAR lights, which serve as generic lighting and truss warmers. Control is via an MA onPC command wing, while dimming is courtesy of a Philips Strand 6Pack.

‘The Robin Spiiders were a great choice, doubling up as a good stage wash and also providing effects over the audience,’ explains Robert Izzett of DWR, who led the project. ‘The miniPointes were used on stage and fired out into the audience for “wow” beam effects.’

DWR was only given a small timeframe in which to complete the installation, as CRC planned to open the Bloemfontein North Extension during the second week of January. This was just one week after business resumed for DWR following Christmas and New Year. ‘In the end we had a week buffer for rehearsals,’ says Mr Izzett. ‘The grand opening went without a hitch and it looked amazing. There was not a seat left in the house, and people sat in the aisles and stood in the doorways. Pastor At officially cut a ribbon, and the service began with praise and worship and a satellite link from the main auditorium.

‘DWR have been privileged to work on three main auditoriums for the church over the past 10 years,’ Mr Izzett concludes. ‘We worked on the Bloemfontein main campus, then at Pretoria, and now at this new venue which is a miniature version of its predecessors with its wedge shape and raked seating.’

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