Rooftop reinforcement

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Rooftop reinforcement

SINGAPORE: The Central Christian Church has been operating in Punggol for several decades. It occupies a sizeable building that has been its home for over 10 years and its main sanctuary is located up on the third floor. However, due to ever-rising attendance at the non-denominational church, the decision was recently made to expand to the rooftop.

The new rooftop sanctuary, as with its counterparts below, required a sound system to reinforce intelligible speech as well as live music. GW International has served as the church’s audio, video and lighting vendor for many years and was called upon to design and install a solution for the new sanctuary.

The project specification highlighted the need for a system that took into account the aesthetics of the venue, something that would not intrude upon the visual aspects of the space, while at the same time not compromising on sound quality and coverage. Chosen to meet these requirements was a solution designed around Adam Hall’s Curv 500 system, due to its unobtrusive design and the wide coverage and clarity it reportedly offers. The solutions were provided by Medusa LVS Pte Ltd.

A pair of Curv 500 systems were installed at FOH along with a Yamaha TF1 digital mixing console. Complementing this setup are two FBT X-Pro 10 active speakers serving as rear/partition-fills, with a further two delivering foldback.

‘The requirement was to have an unobtrusive speaker system which could at the same time give wide coverage and clarity,’ confirms Ceril de Silva, owner of Medusa LVS. ‘The system is up and running and has proven to be a hit with the users. For use with speech and live music, the Curv 500 proved to be up to the job.’

GW International was also responsible for the lighting solutions employed in the rooftop sanctuary. This saw Medusa LVS provide eight Cameo RGB LED PARs for the stage lighting with an MT DMX 96 programmable lighting controller.

Mr de Silva notes that the lighting solution was ‘easy to install and set up. The LED pars have been lighting up the stage with vibrant colour mixes.’

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