Screen Goo presents Indonesian seminar

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Screen Goo presents Indonesian seminar

INDONESIA: Goo Central Pte recently hosted an event in Jakarta to highlight its Screen Goo projection surface paint. The event was divided into two sections, the first half looked at projects which have used the product with the second covering how it is applied.

The first portion featured three headline speakers, Chandra Kirana of PT Holomoc IND, Darmawan Harli Permono of Comviewtron Indonesia and Gordon Neil Mandias of PT Digital Interaktif Media. Each presented their respective projects and talked about why they chose to use Goo. The reasons ranged from the need to achieve high quality projection in the daytime to wide viewing angles in a wide room. Mr Chandra of Holomoc said Screen Goo was a natural choice, since his site was presented with a dome to be used as a projection surface under challenging light conditions.

Anne Chiang of Goo Central covered the application process in the second part of the seminar. Mr Gordon of PT Digital Interaktif Media, who has used Goo in several projects, commented that Goo is very simple to apply. What is needed is patience. The other key speakers agreed, saying that after seven to 10 days, the surface was ‘perfect’, ‘even and smooth’.

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