Self Assembly

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Self Assembly

Self Assembly - A new home and a new sound system have enabled Singapore’s Emmanuel Assembly of God to improve its message. Richard Lawn reports...

Emmanuel Assembly of God (EAG) was adopted in 1969 when it became a sovereign church affiliated to the Assemblies of God of Singapore. The present site at 165 Upper East Coast Road was acquired in August 1985, with its single-storey building quickly expanding to provide multiple services for its growing congregation. In 1996, the building was demolished to make way for a four-storey building and following 17 months of construction work, the official opening of the new church premises was held in April 1998.

Pastor Janet Tang has been attending the church since she was just five years old, and it was she and chief sound engineer Adrian Tan who decided to replace the old PA system following 10 years of faithful service. They approached Richt Teo of specialist company SV-Pro Pte to take on the project, as it had been responsible for servicing the ageing PA system since its installation in early 1998. Following discussions, the decision was made to upgrade the point source system to a line array system.

An OAP Vertical Stack VS-8 Series line array was proposed and accepted for use, and this is now flown over the stage area in an LR stereo format. The 4.5m clearance between the floor and the false ceiling in the fourth floor sanctuary restricted the number of cabinets that could be flown. However, following Ease 4.2 simulations, it was determined that four three-way double 8-inch array and a dual 15-inch long throw subwoofers would provide smooth, even coverage to the hall’s 1,000 seats. The two VS-8 array loudspeaker clusters each consist of two VS8-60 (60° horn) cabinets on top, with two VS8-90 (90° horn) cabinets below.

In this format, the upper VS8-60 speakers are focused away from the outer walls and ceiling, with post installation measurement confirming a ±2.5dB difference in both vertical and horizontal plains. The clusters are each supplemented by a single VS8-215 subwoofer. Mr Teo’s team used line-array rigging hardware, so that the VS-8 could be safely mounted in a single tight cluster with the selectable angle adjustment slot to a structural steel beam. ‘The rigging was very easy,’ confirms Mr Teo. ‘The OAP brackets with the speakers were hoisted into their final resting position with a power winch.’ A central cluster comprising reconditioned single EV TR-118 single 18-inch subwoofers add ultra-low bass frequencies when required via a separate aux send.

On stage, Pastor Janet, the preachers, the seven-piece band and choir are all served by new OAP SM112 single 12-inch monitors. Two QSC RMX1850HD and two QSC RMX4050HD amplifiers power the entire system via an Ashly Protea 4.24C loudspeaker management processor. The original DDA CS8 48-channel analogue console is still in use at front-of-house and is supplemented by dbx 3231L and Yamaha Q2031 graphic equalisers. Two ETA EPD420VS units provide both power sequencing and power conditioning to the main amplifier rack located at stage left. Wireless transmission is provided by Sennheiser ew100 transmitters, while wired microphones on the drums, keyboards, piano and guitars include AKG and Shure models

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