Sensaphonics one-stop shop for in-ear monitors

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Sensaphonics one-stop shop for in-ear monitors

ASIA: A ‘G3 to the Max’ price promotion sees Sennheiser wireless IEM systems bundled with Sensaphonics Max Series earphones for a limited time in Asia.

US company Sensaphonics – a company specialising in custom earphones and electronics – has announced a limited-time promotion, providing one-stop shopping for musicians converting to in-ear monitoring. The promotion offers special pricing to customers purchasing a Sennheiser G3 wireless IEM system along with Sensaphonics 2Max or 3Max custom earphones. The promotion runs until the end of May 2010.

 ‘As an authorised Sennheiser dealer, we are uniquely qualified as a one-stop shop for artists moving up to in-ears,’ said Thom ‘Sound Guy’ Fiegle, Sensaphonics sound engineering consultant. ‘The G3 to the Max program is designed to make that transition easy and affordable, providing a pro touring IEM rig without compromise.’

The 3Max is Sensaphonics latest model, the world’s first triple-driver custom earphones with soft-gel silicone earpieces, while the 2Max sports dedicated high- and low-frequency drivers. Both are optimised for use with wireless IEM systems including Sennheiser’s popular eW 300 IEM G3 system.

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