Seventh-Day Adventist streams and records with Monarch HDX

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Seventh-Day Adventist streams and records with Monarch HDX

UAE: The Seventh-Day Adventist church was established in America in 1863. The church has a vision to serve a global community, and today, though its global headquarters are located in the state of Maryland, the church also has Middle East and North African headquarters in Beirut and Gulf headquarters in Ras Al Khaimah.

Hundreds of congregants from around the UAE attend the church’s weekly services and to reach a wider audience from further afield, Seventh-Day Adventist live streams its services to followers around the world via its website, as well as social media platforms, including YouTube, while also making recordings to edit and upload for on-demand viewing. Following increased demand from those watching online for an improved streaming experience with higher quality, the church recently looked to upgrade its old analogue system to a digital SDI one.

As part of the upgrade, Seventh-Day Adventist also sought to simplify the postproduction process for its recordings, which had been very time consuming, and wanted recording to be in H.264 due to the codec’s quality and smaller file size. Conducting tests of a range of solutions from multiple manufacturers, the church would opt for the Matrox Monarch HDX.

Following the acquisition of the Monarch HDX streaming and recording appliance, the Seventh-Day Adventist church put it to use during its recent four-day festival in Ras Al Khaimah, Campmeeting. More than 1,000 were in attendance at Campmeeting, with people flocking from all around the GCC, Europe and America. It was streamed in high quality and at low bitrate to a global audience and simultaneously recorded for archiving and VOD.

SDI digital video cameras were deployed to capture the event, the signal then fed to a video switcher and distributed from there to the Monarch HDX. The Matrox appliance will continue to see use for all major events that the church stages in the region, as well as for weekly services.

‘The Matrox Monarch HDX is extremely easy to use with its one-touch button that can be operated by any team member or even a volunteer, without necessitating a full-time technician to take care of the arduous manual audio / video synchronisation,’ explains Jozsef Kurucity, Seventh-Day Adventist’s IT technician. ‘The appliance saves us a lot of time during the postproduction process: since the audio output from the Monarch HDX is of high quality and frame synchronised, there is no need to extract the audio and work on it separately; it can be edited in the same software used for the video.’

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