Similar setups for Spirit of Faith and Mount Pleasant

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Similar setups for Spirit of Faith and Mount Pleasant

USA: The Spirit of Faith Christian Center on the outskirts of Washington DC and Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries of Baltimore have both recently moved from traditional services to those of a contemporary nature. Both churches also share a new sound system in common, as systems integrator Jonathan Lesane worked with event production house and systems integrator RCI Systems and sound consultancy SYXA Services to install them with L-Acoustics Arcs WiFo systems.

‘Both Spirit of Faith and Mount Pleasant involved extremely reflective environments where maintaining coherent sound was previously difficult at the volumes these services run at,’ says Mr Lesane. ‘But the highly precise directivity of WiFo has allowed them to nicely remedy that and achieve beautiful sound.’

RCI and SYXA utilised L-Acoustics’ Soundvision 3D acoustical modelling software to best determine the configuration and number of systems required. A similar setup was employed in both churches, as four Arcs Wide and the same number of Arcs Focus speakers were installed in each along with four SB18 subs. The churches differ in that Mount Pleasant’s system also includes a pair of vertical arrays and is powered by two LA8 amplified controllers, while Spirit of Faith has adopted a four-zone system driven by an LA4X that features additional L-Acoustics side-fills and monitors.

‘I’m a firm believer in the idea that a sound system can’t make what’s happening on the stage sound any better than it does at the source,’ adds Mr Lesane. ‘I have had many discussions with worship leaders where I point out that they are willing to pay good money for a keyboard player with a touring pedigree for the worship band, but they expect the overall sound of the service to be capably piloted by a volunteer with limited experience and knowledge. What L-Acoustics’ WiFo does is allow for a sonic transparency that means we can really get the sound of the band out to every person in every seat of the sanctuary without compromise.’

Bob Capotosto of RCI Systems explains the cost-effectiveness of the L-Acoustics equipment that he feels makes WiFo particularly suited to houses of worship. ‘There seems to be a perception that if a system has an L-Acoustics label on it, then it’s going be more expensive than other options, and that is simply not the case with the WiFo,’ he noted. ‘There are just no seams or breaks in the coverage between boxes in the array, either vertically or horizontally, which means that we can very effectively cover the same space with fewer boxes than some other systems. And because of the consistent sonic signature across the entire L-Acoustics line-up, everything scales. Between WiFo and Kiva II, both small- and mid-sized churches can have outstanding sonic performance with a markedly similar sound and stay within budget.’

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