Subtle yet bright projection

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Subtle yet bright projection

USA: First Baptist Church in Westlake, Louisiana recently relocated to a brand new worship centre. During the design phase for the new sanctuary, church management wanted to ensure that all members of the congregation would be able to see sermons clearly and that they would all be fully engaged.

To meet these specifications, A/V integration company Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions was called upon to design and install a projection solution. The company’s general manager and co-owner, Rob Robinson, led the project, which saw the deployment of two Eiki LC-WXN200 projectors.

‘Services at First Baptist Church Westlake are on the contemporary side,’ Mr Robinson reports. ‘There’s a good-sized praise band and a choir for music and everyone was eager to have the visual aspects of their services equally vibrant. With seating capacity for roughly 600 people, this is no small space. As a result, we had to be certain that, whatever projection system we installed, imagery would be bright, colourful, and pleasing to the eye.’

The LC-WXN200 projectors were selected due to considerations regarding the venue’s aesthetics. ‘This is a really nice room, so we didn’t want to clutter the area with multiple screens,’ says Mr Robinson. ‘The two Eiki projectors project directly onto the two side walls of the stage area.’

The projectors were hung from the ceiling above the lighting truss, positioned in the middle of the stage area. Aimed at 45°, they each face the side walls that are angled out towards the audience in a fan-shape.

‘The main source of the broadcast is ProPresenter, a popular church presentation software package,’ explains Mr Robinson. ‘They also have the option of running Blu-ray as another source. Since there are no actual screens, the projectors are simply broadcasting onto the giant walls on each side of the stage. This setup was so much more difficult to do because with actual screens, the border is already set for you. In this case, we had to mock up two imaginary screens on both sides and account for the life safety devices already present. It was quite a challenge.’

LC-WXN200 projectors are three-LCD units with 6,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and native WXGA resolution. ‘First, 6000 LCD lumens was necessary in order to be able to have enough “horsepower” to project onto our screen size – in this case, the walls,’ notes Mr Robinson. ‘Secondly, the projectors’ corner correction capability, which was also very necessary.’

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