The new Holy Flames Methodist Church goes dLive

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The new Holy Flames Methodist Church goes dLive

KOREA: Construction of the Holy Flames Methodist Church has recently finished in Pangyo City. The newly-built church can accommodate a congregation of up to 1,850 inside its main chapel.

To ensure that intelligible audio coverage is provided to all who attend services, the church’s pastor sought a digital mixing console for use at FOH. ‘We wanted a digital mixer but I had my reservations about digital preamp performance,’ recalls Pastor Yoonha Kim. ‘However, during a demo of an Allen & Heath dLive system, I was very impressed by its preamp quality and intuitive user interface. We can also enjoy the benefits of future firmware updates.’

The dLive system installed comprises an S3000 Surface and a DM48 MixRack, and was supplied by local distributor Samasound. It facilitates the Holy Flames Methodist’s diverse worship programme, including the musical Friday evening service as well as the traditional and youth Sunday services that respectively feature a choir, accompanied by a piano and organ, and a band formed of 12 singers, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums and a pair of keyboards.

‘dLive's sound is transparent, well balanced, and can cover a wide range of sound colouration, from soft and warm to thick and powerful. On the surface, you can see all functions at a glance, and wrap-around rotaries make control easy,’ concludes Pastor Kim. ‘There are also various view modes, which can be customised by the user. I can use up to 26 user defined SoftKeys to recall specific scenes and mute groups, and a huge bonus is dLive's channel ganging option, which is very easy to approach and to configure.’

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