University Christian Church illuminates worshipers with Elation

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University Christian Church illuminates worshipers with Elation

USA: University Christian Church in Manhattan, Kansas, home to Kansas State University, is a fast growing church with a large college attendance population. The ministry outgrew its existing multipurpose venue and brought in Elation dealer House Right of Lexington, Kentucky, to oversee a new theatrical and house lighting design for a new 1000-seat space on its existing campus.

‘The church previously met in a multipurpose room onsite with a hodgepodge of Par 56s,’ explains Matt Cooper, principal lighting designer at House Right and lighting designer on the project. ‘We often say they were “breaking all the rules” of church growth – lots of services, cramped quarters, and really challenging lighting conditions. In fact, the old space didn’t really have a true house light system.’

House Right is a team of specialists in the HOW lighting market, experienced in identifying the production technology changes needed to evolve worship spaces to a congregation’s goals. Because University Christian Church has a large young adult population, a relevant visual experience during weekend services was deemed key to connecting with students.

The House Right team ultimately chose a lighting setup that includes Elation Sixpar 200 LED PAR colour changers and Sixbar 1000 LED colour-changing battens. House Right was also involved in space planning, helping to fit an adequate gathering space within a tight footprint.

The Sixbar 1000 and Sixpar 200 fixtures are used to support weekend services in the church’s primary venue. ‘I’ve become a huge fan of the Sixbar,’ Mr Cooper says of the 3-foot long battens with 6-colour LED multi-chip. ‘The six-colour mixing system combined with the per-pixel control creates a really high value package. We utilised the fixture in a dual-purpose role as ground supported low backlight to colourise the atmosphere, but then leveraged pixel mapping to create movement. It also matched perfectly with the colour mixing of the overhead Sixpar 200 backlight. The high output of the Sixbar was very important to colourising the atmosphere and, as a result, the fixtures drive a great deal of the overall impact in the space. Ultimately, the visuals in the space, thanks to the Sixbars, were high impact but not high dollar, which fit the needs of the project perfectly.’

Product support on the project was provided by Elation's manufacturer rep firm, Five Lakes Marketing, which Mr Cooper was more than happy to work with. ‘Five Lakes is one of House Right’s most trusted partners and a huge part of our success working with Elation,’ he states. ‘Ed Cheeseman at Five Lakes has bent over backwards to support our team, from helping expedite orders to facilitating service and support.’

Mr Cooper says that the team at University Christian was also a major factor of the lighting install’s success. ‘They never feared rolling up their sleeves and working with our team to execute the vision,’ he explains. ‘Their trust and partnership with House Right continues and, in many ways, envisions how we like to help churches. We’re all working towards the same common goal and end up becoming family in the process.’

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