Lab.gruppen unveils energy-efficient E Series

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Lab.gruppen unveils energy-efficient E Series


The new amps reportedly use much of the design philosophy and energy-efficient concepts debuted in the Swedish company’s flagship PLM 20000Q touring amplifier. According to the manufacturer, the E Series range provides ‘ample power reserves with amazingly low power consumption’, this, it claims, reduces the total cost of ownership below that of conventional designs.

The E Series comprises three two-channel power amplifiers, each incorporating Lab.gruppen’s IDEEA (IntelliDrive Energy Efficient Amplifier) technologies. All are housed in 1U cabinets, weigh less than 5kg, and feature universal power supplies. The high headroom universal power supply reportedly allows for a higher storage capacity, thus preventing excessive draw on the mains inlet during repeated peak bursts and maintaining extra headroom on the rails for longer sustained maximum power output.

Nominal output power ratings per channel (@ 4-ohms or 70V) are 600W, 400W, and 200W for, respectively, the E 12:2, E 8:2, and E 4:2. However, significantly higher per-channel outputs are reportedly possible with asymmetrical loading and proper setting of Lab.gruppen’s proprietary Rail Sensing Limiter (RSL).

RSL is a two position switch to allow selection of either Hi-Z (100V all models) or Lo-Z (40V – 69.3V model dependent) as output thresholds. The RSL switch circuit senses rail voltage and optimises output for instantaneous load conditions. It also allows for continued operation with fluctuating mains down to below 60V AC. RSL setting also configures outputs for asymmetric loading.

E Series is Energy Star 2.1 compliant, reportedly the first ‘professional-grade’ amplifier capable of these output levels to be so certified. Each model features an automatic power scheme, which means it turns on with signal present and goes into standby mode automatically after 20 minutes of no signal. GPIO facilitates power on/off state via third-party control systems.

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