A Landmark installation at Turner Asia Pacific

Published: ASIA

A Landmark installation at Turner Asia Pacific

HONG KONG: In a bid to merge advertising planning and campaign management into a single solution, Turner Asia Pacific has equipped its Hong Kong facility with Imagine Communications’ Landmark sales, rights and scheduling system. The installation reportedly removes the broadcaster’s need to transfer data between systems as well as bottlenecks, while also providing transparency across the planning, scheduling and sales process of commercials and helping to select the right content to broadcast at the right time for optimum viewer engagement.

The newly-deployed system consolidates Turner’s workflow, including schedule planning, defining of programme formats and commercial breaks, allowing all users to collaborate and view plans at all stages, which eliminates sequential workflows. Making use of both Landmark Sales AutoBook engine and line-based booking, the broadcaster can automatically manage impression-based campaigns and meet the changing requirements of advertisers respectively.

‘Today’s media environment is hugely challenging. Broadcasters have to continue to engage audiences, maximise advertising revenues, and monetise new outputs across traditional linear, video on demand, streaming and other platforms,’ noted Sarah Foss, vice president, product management, advertising management systems at Imagine Communications. ‘Landmark is an established and proven solution that is continually evolving to meet today’s challenges, allowing staff to work effectively and management to have clear insights into the business’s success. Turner in Hong Kong also benefits from our investments in support in the Asia-Pacific region, helping to ensure that the software platform will continue to meet their real challenges.’


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