Imagine Communications provides MRTV Entertainment’s playout solution

Published: ASIA

Imagine Communications provides MRTV Entertainment’s playout solution

MYANMAR: Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) has recently launched a new channel: MRTV Entertainment Channel. To support this launch, an integrated playout solution was required with Imagine Communications’ Versio selected. MRTV was an existing user of Imagine Communications’ networking and compression products and opted for Versio due to its prior experience with it existing systems.

‘Imagine Communications’ Versio integrated playout solution answered all our needs for lower maintenance, investment and reduced power consumption,’ added Myo Min, managing director of MRTV Entertainment Channel. ‘This space-saving solution ensures all our broadcast requirements are met without the need for extensive rack space associated with traditional playout solutions.’

‘The deployment would have taken longer to implement using traditional solutions, such as separate automation, servers, master control and graphics,’ noted Joe Khodeir, senior vice president Asia Pacific at Imagine Communications. ‘Versio comes in a single, powerful and highly reliable package which means fewer spares, less cabling and less maintenance requirements for the MRTV Entertainment Channel engineering team.’

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