Martin Audio targets the Chinese KTV market

Published: ASIA

Martin Audio targets the Chinese KTV market

CHINA: Martin Audio and its Chinese distribution partner, Sino Huifeng Audio Group Co Ltd (Huifeng), recently staged a press conference to formally launch the manufacturer’s X Series in the country. The series, which comprises the X8, X10, X12 and X15 loudspeakers, is targeting China’s strong KTV (karaoke) market.

On hand for the press conference was Martin Audio’s managing director, Dom Harter, as well as APAC account manager Andy Duffield. Huifeng’s president, Hugo Guo, and sales director, Han Yidong, were also in attendance.

Mr Harter gave a speech to begin the proceedings. ‘The market here in KTV has begun to move to a really quite high SPL,’ he explained. ‘Additionally, it’s moving towards longevity, so for designs that will last hundreds of hours.’ He went on to note that the same audio engineers that worked on the manufacturer’s flagship MLA series were assigned to the production of the X Series. ‘We hope that the Martin Audio X Series will bring a high-quality, low-distortion, high-output, professional sounding loudspeaker system to the KTV market.’

As Mr Harter stepped down from the podium, Mr Guo stepped up to discuss Huifeng’s relationship with Martin Audio and how it’s developed from the first generation of the Blackline series. His hope is that both companies can continue to work together to provide end users with the best products possible. ‘From today, we enter the high-end KTV market,’ he said during his speech. ‘We commit to becoming the first true KTV brand.’

Following a speech from Mr Yidong, in which he welcomed interested resellers, consultancies and end users to contact Huifeng for further details, Mr Duffield delivered an address, citing the product specifications. ‘The X Series as a part of the Blackline family, is a new multipurpose range targeted at the domestic KTV market with best-in-class audio performance, versatility in deployment and signature Martin Audio sound,’ Mr Duffield explained.

A Q&A session was held after the speeches. During this, Mr Han noted that every industry goes through a transition process from time to time, and that the KTV market is expected to undergo a large period of growth.

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