RMP continues to serve up signature dishes at Jakarta’s top tables

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RMP continues to serve up signature dishes at Jakarta’s top tables

INDONESIA: No strangers to the high ranking tables within Jakarta’s inner sanctum of F&B outlets, Rhema Multi Perkasa (RMP) continues to attract new business with referrals and plaudits from its extensive network of satisfied customers. ‘2016 was a slow year I think for everyone in Indonesia, but it’s so far so good for 2017,’ explained RMP project manager Dax M Wenas. The company's installed audio systems continue to be simple in design, but still require a discrete solution that will not interfere with the main business needs. Furthermore, they can only be installed during the non-operational hours in the dead of night.

Adorned with collections of fine wines throughout its interior, Cork & Screw recently opened its latest doors in the swanky setting of Plaza Indonesia Mall. The RMP team installed a Martin Audio speaker design into the new establishment with wall-mounted CDD5 cabinets in the dining area and AQ8s in the bar. Discretely installed AQ210 and AQ212 subwoofers enhance the lower frequencies throughout. Powered by Powersoft M14D and Q3204 amplifiers, the DSP in Cork & Screw is refined by way of Martin Audio DX0.5 processors for both zones. An ARX MaxiSplit distribution splitter provides audio control for both zones, for which an Apple iPod player is predominantly used as the main source. Meanwhile, the ambience is lifted during the weekend evenings courtesy of another Pioneer DJ system comprising twin CDJ850 turntables and a DJM900 NXS II mixer.

Located at Pacific PlaceMall, the Spanish and Mexican-inspired SuperLoco operates a similar system with Martin Audio CDD8 speakers finished in white and AQ215 subwoofers. A Soundcraft Signature 12MTK mixer incorporating Ghost mic preamps is called upon for iPod playback and live music underneath the DJ booth adorned with the same Pioneer decks and mixer. A covered al fresco zone outside the main restaurant is furnished with CDD5 speakers supplemented by a concealed Blackline S12+ subwoofer. Like Cork & Screw, a Martin Audio DX0.5 and ARX MaxiSplit provide the backbone of DSP and zone control throughout the establishment. A combination of Powersoft Digam 4002, 4004 and M50Q amplifiers power both zones including the bar area. For ease of powering on and off for the staff at both restaurants, whilst providing an extra insurance policy against lightning strikes, a Munson MES281 sequencer has been added to both equipment racks.


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