Shibuya venues get two for the price of one with MLA

Published: ASIA

Shibuya venues get two for the price of one with MLA

JAPAN: A newly-deployed Martin Audio loudspeaker system is serving a truly multifunctional purpose at a new Shibuya, Toyko-based joint venue. Sankeys TYO and Space Odd are unique in that they both occupy the same place and share the same audio system, but the separate enterprises cater to nightclub and live band use respectively. MSI Japan was approached to install the MLA Compact system by Naoki Shimizu of Creativeman Productions Co Ltd. Takashi ‘Kon’ Imaoka from Martin Audio distributor Audio Brains was placed in charge of the project.

The CEO of Creativeman Productions, Mr Shimizu is a well-known organiser of Japanese music festivals and had heard about the impending closure of the previous nightclub so he decided to develop a permanent location for his company to showcase live entertainment for the first time. Mr Shimizu gave MSI and Mr Imaoka two stipulations: that the sound should be mainly for live performance, but could also provide an immersive nightclub sound. Mr Imaoka and his team proposed several different brands, in different configurations, with Martin Audio selected.

The main speaker system comprises three MLA Compact and MLX subwoofers, on a special wheel-board frame for each side of the stage, and XD15 and WS218X cabinets for rear left and right. Stage side-fills consist of XD15s and WS18Xs, along with 10 LE1200 floor monitors. As the venue serves a dual-purpose, the main and rear speakers set on the special wheel-board frame could be selected, and the casters moved accordingly. The cabinets can then be tuned for purpose by flicking between two different presets configurations using Martin Audio’s VU-Net software.

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