First ever line array in Iranian religious building

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First ever line array in Iranian religious building

IRAN:dB Technologies DVA T12 and DVA T4 have recently been installed into the Hazrat Masoomeh mosque, making this the first ever line array to be installed at a religious site in Iran. Based in Qom, the second most sacred city after Mashhad, the impressive building consists of a burial chamber, three courtyards and three large prayer halls.

The two arrays that reinforce the prayer hall are made up of a total of six DVA T12 and 10 DVA T4 units. The result reportedly ‘sounds fantastic’ and provides even coverage across the space.

The installation was completed in just 12 hours by local dB Technologies distributor Kish Pishgaman’s technical team, with technical manager Meysam Khorasani and the project’s chief sound engineer Ing. Alireza Haddadi overseeing proceedings.

Built in the early 17th century, the mosque is also known as the Fatima Masumeh Shrine and is important enough to have been depicted on the reverse of the Iranian 50 rials coin.