Battle of tomorrow’s lighting designers

Published: MEA

Battle of tomorrow’s lighting designers

SOUTH AFRICA: For the third consecutive year DWR Distribution is sponsoring the St Mary’s Battle of the Bands competition which has featured the National Schools Lighting Competition since 2015. The lighting competition will be run using MA dot2 on PC and dot2 3D visualiser V1.3.1.4 software with prizes including a dot2 Node, DMX Dongle and training sessions.

Entrants will be provided with a song and asked to program a lighting show to go with it. Assistance will be provided and showfiles must be submitted by 15 June, with those selected going on to compete in the final competition and the ultimate winner operating the lighting at the Battle of the Bands competition on 20 July.

‘We are hoping that more and more schools will start encouraging youngsters to work backstage, which is as vital to any production as the actual performers,’ explained Barry Strydom, manager at St Mary’s The Edge Theatre in Johannesburg, who has been involved with the battle of the bands since its inception. ‘For the last two years only Johannesburg schools have been involved in the lighting competition, this year we were hoping to draw entries from at least five provinces.’

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