Imagine Communications’ first Epic product

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Imagine Communications’ first Epic product

With the recent announcement of its new operational management platform, Epic, Imagine Communications has unveiled its first product to make use of the platform with the Epic Multiviewer (Epic MV). The company describes Epic as ‘a next-generation operational management and orchestration platform designed to facilitate the seamless assimilation of IT-based environments into the broadcasting realm’.

An IP multiviewer, the Epic MV is software-based and UHD-ready. Designed for hybrid production, acquisition, origination and distribution requirements, allowing a single solution for SDI, IP and hybrid environments, it is powered by the manufacturer’s Zenium media processing platform and is built to address the needs of the broadcast industry as resolutions become higher and operations migrate ever more towards IP-based environments. Imagine Communications states that it has constructed the Epic MV to ‘seamlessly incorporate new formats and technologies’ due to the software-based nature of the product future-proofing itself.

As well as including the features of the Platinum SX Hybrid and select features from the Platinum SX-Pro multiviewer, the Epic MV adds the ability to support high-capacity SDI over IP, 3G-SDI and linear compressed IP sources. It is also reportedly capable of scaling to thousands of sources and hundreds of displays, supporting UHD outputs and UHD-capable inputs, and provides a ‘sophisticated monitoring-by-exception functionality’.

Running on HPE servers and other commercial off-the-shelf platforms, MPEG2 and H.264/AVC compressed video streams are natively supported by the system and delivered over IP-connected networks. Meanwhile, advanced display processing and pluggable input modules for high-capacity SDI over IP, and 3G-SDI baseband video reception are catered for by hardware acceleration.

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