OCA Alliance makes ISE debut

Published: WORLD

OCA Alliance makes ISE debut

WORLD: The OCA Alliance will be exhibiting at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) for the first time at the 2016 edition of the show. Alongside the latest developments in standardising control architectures and interoperability, the alliance will offer a live demonstration showcasing products from multiple manufacturers operating with different network transport platforms under a single, interoperable control system. In addition, the ISE Audio Solutions Theatre is presenting The OCA MicroDemo: An AES70 Implementation for Small Processors, a white paper presentation by Jeff Berryman of Bosch Communications and Mike Sims of Attero Tech, at 12:30 on Friday 12th February.

‘OCA was always intended to be a technology that could address the requirement to scale upwards in order to deal with the kinds of massive system control applications that other available technologies simply could not address,’ stated Ethan Wetzell of the OCA Alliance. ‘However, it was equally important to design the architecture in a way that could simultaneously be implemented in compact and resource-constrained hardware. This is critical to implementation in devices such as wall controllers and other edge devices that are key components of an OCA ecosystem. The OCA MicroDemo explains this wonderfully and compliments the other products on show, to illustrate just how flexible OCA can be in both function and implementation.’


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